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Lone Parents

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Hi there,

I've been working in Wave 5 of Understanding society, and trying to understand how many HHs have one adult with dependent children.

I've found that only 2.5% of the raw sample, and 1.1% applying longitudinal weights fit this type. I would expect this number to be closer to 10% - Is this correct? Are there other flags I should be using?

Thanks very much,



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Hi Helen,
I am assuming you are working with the e_indall file and that you are looking for dependent children who live with just one of their parents.
You can identify these by using the derived variables e_depchl_dv (which equals 1 if respondent is a dependent child) and e_mnspid/ e_fnspid (which will be -8 if a person has no natural/step/adoptive parent in the household). Tag dependent children with just one of parent, then generate a flag for these households and keep one observation per household. I find 8.47 per cent of households meet these conditions; 8.06 have e_psnenub_xw~=0.

Hope this helps,


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Sorry - I meant the longitudinal weight e_psnenub_lw~=0


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