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number of siblings ever had

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I see that in BHPS there is a question about the total number of siblings respondents ever had (NSIBS). Is there an equivalent of this question in Understanding Society? If not, which strategy would you recommend to get sibling number for respondents (including those not in the household)?

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Dear Sait,

Many thanks for your enquiry, we are looking into it and will get back to you shortly.

Best wishes, Victoria


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Dear Sait,
the total number of siblings ever had (NSIBS) was only asked once in the BHPS (in Wave 13) and it was applicable only to those who answered affirmatively the question whether they ever lived in the same household with any siblings during childhood.

To check whether this question was ever asked on Understanding Society, you could search the Understanding Society questionnaires for key words (or the entire question carried on the BHPS). I do not think the question has been asked and I cannot think of a way to create a variable with the same informational content drawing on alternative information available in either study.

[To count the number of siblings an ennumerated person lives with // at the time the interview took place // you can use the relationship information in the wave specific egoalt data files. To restrict the count to children you need to also merge in ego's age information from indall. We provide an example of using the egoalt data file in our hands-on Understanding Society training course materials. To access the materials, please visit]

Hope this helps.
Best wishes,


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Dear Gundi,

Thank you very much for your response. I think I will try to get the number of siblings living together at the age of 16 as a proxy.

Best, Sait


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