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USoc wave 4 investment questions

Added by Laura Gardiner over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I have a specific question about the investment data in the USoc wave 4 household file:

The variables d_nvestbrt1 d_nvestbrt2 d_nvestbrt3 d_nvestbrt97 appear to take the categorical values 0-6 (e.g. see here: From reading the wave 4 questionnaire I can see they are based on unfolding brackets questions (nvestb1rt-nvestb5rt), but I can’t find anywhere in the documentation what values (or presumably ranges) the numbers 1-6 relate to. Could you let me know please?

Relatedly - there seem to be other variables in the wave 4 household file that are categorical but no value labels are listed (e.g. d_nvestljrt1 - but I've managed to work out what answers 1 and 2 relate to in this case)

Thanks and kind regards



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Dear Laura,

Many thanks for your enquiry - the team is looking into it and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Best wishes, Victoria.

On behalf of the Understanding Society data user support team.


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Hello Laura,

Here is the value label for nvestbrt1-3, 97

-8 "inapplicable" -9 "missing" -7 "proxy respondent" ///
0 "don't know, LT 1000£" 1 "1-499£" 2 "500-999£" 3 "1,000-4,999£" 4 "5,000-24,999£" 5 "25,000-99,999£" 6 "more than 100,000£"

Best wishes,


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Thanks for highlighting this issue. The online documentation will be updated to reflect these value labels.


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Thanks very much!


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