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linking employment/joblessness history between BHPS and Understanding Society

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Hi, my current research requires me to create a measure of proportion of household joblessness a respondent experienced during 1991-2000 when co-residing in their parents' household and a corresponding measure of respondent joblessness for the periods of 2008 onwards. Specifically, I have the following urgent question:
1) For Understanding Society, this particular thread ( made me realise that the data structure for BHPS and Understanding Society is slightly different. Specifically, Understanding Society does not provide spell starts, only spell ends (which is not the case for BHPS for which I used Mare's code). I understand that we can just set the spell start equal to the spell end of the previous activity spell for most cases for Understanding Society. However, if we have cases where an Understanding Society sample member who were part of the original BHPS sample did not provide valid information on the all the employment/non-employment spells they experienced until wave 3 or onwards in Understanding Society, there is the problem of a gap in the information and the missing start date of the first employment/non-employment the person reported for Understanding Society is effectively unknown. What should I do about such a situation?


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I just went back to the questionnaire of wave 2 of Understanding Society and I just want to confirm that the wording of the questions are consistent with how I've interpreted the variables ff_jbstat empchk and nonempchk. From the online dataset documentation, I thought they related to the previous wave of Understanding Society. But from the actual questionnaire, the wording made me think that actually these 3 variables related to the previous time that the respondent appeared in Understanding Society/BHPS. Is the latter interpretation the correct one? If it is, then I think my issue is resolved. If not, I would need help. Thank you.


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Dear King Fok,

Many thanks for your enquiry, we will respond to you as soon as we can. Please note our 10 working-day turnaround time for user support queries.

Best wishes, Victoria.


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Hi King Fok,
you are right, these questions draw on information collected during the last (full adult) interview with the respondent. This may be information from the last interview in the BHPS (which could be any of wave 1-18, although in most cases it will be wave 18).

It was a good idea to look at the questionnaire and the question routing! Another place to look is the variable-level notes online (in particular for derived variables).

best wishes,


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