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Interviewer paradata

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I would like to examine the interviewer paradata from the Understanding Society surveys.

I understand that the relevant variables are stored in the files w_indresp. However, I would like to obtain a full list of the questions asked of the interviewers at each wave. Is there any documentation available with this information?

Otherwise, could you please advise us on how we can identify the relevant variables from within the datasets? I have noticed that many of the measures we would be interested in begin with the prefix 'w_iv' - is that the case for all paradata questions?

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Dear Mollie,

we have different types of interviewer paradata. From what you write I assume you are after interviewer observations during the interview. These are part of the personal interview and feature in the module "Interviewer observations". You can familiarize yourself with the contents of that module in each wave by studying the questionnaires and online data set documentation. Interviewer observations recorded before the interview are part of the address record form, which you can look at in the Filedwork material section of the online data set documentation; variables from this instrument are stored in the hhsamp data files. Otherwise, there is a separate data release that contains information about and collected from interviewers who worked on Wave 1 of Understanding Society, the documentation of which includes a full listing of variables provided, and the questionnaires.

We are not aware of any researchers who have produced a complete list of all interviewer paradata.
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