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Hi there,

I am re-posting this as I think I somehow marked it as "private" last time - apologies for any duplication.

I would like to use the SOC 2010 4 digit codes for the respondent's current job in wave 3 - Current job: SOC 2010, c_jbsoc10.

If I understand correctly, the SOC 2010 code for current job is only available for those who report a new job in wave 3; for those who are continuing in the same job as last time, only SOC 2000 is available. "SOC 2010 codes are [-9] missing for jobs that were already held in Wave 1 or 2 and (re-)confirmed in later waves."

As far as I can tell, it is not possible for me to map the 4 digit SOC 2000 codes to 4 digit SOC 2010 codes from a look-up file (although please correct me if that's not the case). I was wondering if you have any plans to recode the reported job titles for (re-)confirmed jobs as SOC 2010, to replace the missing values in the variable _c_jbsoc10?

Many thanks,


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Hi Emma,
we do not (yet) have plans to code occupations held in W1-W3 to SOC 2010, and, as you say, there is to our knowledge no look-up file from SOC 2000 to SOC 2010 which could be used. We are aware of the issue and will try and address it as soon as we can. In the meantime, the most complete coding exists for SOC 2000 so you might want to use that instead.

Sorry to not have a more positive reply.



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