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File name issue for my Stata do file

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This may be a silly question but i'm struggling.

I am creating a do file for the nurse assessment data. I want to do the usual 'house keeping".
I have changed directory to my folder which is called 'Project' and I believe the file name is UKDA-7251-stata11_se"?
I then tell Stata to use the "xlabblood_ns.dta" datafile. However , stata keeps telling me it's unable to change to this. I believe this is because I do not have the correct file name. The same applies for the main survey dataset which I think is named UKDA-6614-stata11_se? Can you please advise me what the correct file name is? Stata is not recognising what I am putting in.
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Hi Gemma,
this error occurs because Stata struggles to read spaces and hyphens in path names. Having said that, UKDA-7251-stata11_se is the name of the folder that contains all the Understanding Society data files, no? You might not want to turn into your working directory the directory where you store the original Understanding Society data: It is far too easy to overwrite the data by mistake, and the folder is likely to get very full with your log files, notes etc.
Why not just run cd:/project (change directory to "project") where you can store the manipulated data files you create (probably in a new folder).

Hope this helps,


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