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qualoc variable, qualification from the UK or not

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all thank you very much for dealing with my inquiry. My question concerns qualoc variable and the high number of 8 associated with it. What does -8 imply in this context? Please look at my following examples.
tab qualoc if year==2010
uk or non-uk |
qualificatio |
n | Freq. Percent Cum.
inapplicable | 45,905 83.56 83.56
yes | 7,529 13.71 97.27
no | 1,502 2.73 100.00
Total | 54,936 100.00

. tab qualoc if year==2011

uk or non-uk |
qualificatio |
n | Freq. Percent Cum.
inapplicable | 50,294 95.08 95.08
yes | 2,132 4.03 99.11
no | 472 0.89 100.00
Total | 52,898 100.00

since I have a panel data set, I do not see how and why the the number of -8 can increase from one year to the other. could it be that you only report those people you got a higher degree degree once and then as non applicable (-8) when they are asked again. I have not clue but those numbers in the above table (when all five waves are pooled) do not make sense to me. Thanks a lot. Nico


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Dear Nico,

From onwards Wave 2, only new entrants or those who have never been interviewed are asked the highest educational qualification question, QFHIGH. Of these those who say they have received "a University First Degree, Higher Degree, other higher academic qualification, IB, other school qualification", are asked QUALOC - whether they received this degree in the UK or not. So, each year only a few indivdiuals will be eligible for this question and everyone else will be assigned -8. So, compared to Wave 1, the number of -8 cases will be higher in sub-sequent waves.

See "Universe" for this question in the Data Documentation:

Those who have been interviewed once, and have been in FT education since then are asked what new qualifications they have acquired. See w_qualnew*. But they are not asked if this new qualification was in th UK or not. The assumption is that since the person was interviewed in UK at both interviews, they must have acquired the degree in UK. There may be some cases where the person gained a new qualifcation outside UK between the two interviews but it is not possible to identify those cases.

Hope this helps. If not, please let us know.

Best wishes,


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