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I am preparing employment spells data using the Understanding Society survey. I have successfully obtained most of the information I need but I would like to double check I am doing things right. Since spell data setup is quite complex in this survey, I would like to know if there is (or whether there will be in the future) syntax that assists researchers preparing the spell data. Also, is there any documentation or report about this topic?

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Dear Pilar,

You could have a look at the BHPS employment spell data reports as examples of how this can be done.
• Halpin’s data set has been deposited at the UKDA:
• David C Maré, 2006, Constructing Consistent Work-life Histories: A guide for users of the British Household Panel Survey, ISER working paper 2006-39. (

While we hope to produce similar datasets for UKHLS in future, we do not currently have the resource to do so.

My colleague Nicole would be happy to have an informal telephone conversation with you about how the data is structured if that would be helpful – please let me know and I will email you her details.

Apologies that we can’t be of more help,
Best wishes, Victoria.


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Dear Pilar,

Do let me know if you would like me to put you in touch with my colleague Nicole about discussing this further.

Best wishes, Victoria.


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Dear Pilar,

I will close this issue now but please do get in touch if you have further queries.

Best wishes, Victoria.


Updated by Pietro Biroli over 4 years ago

Dear Victoria and Nicole:

I find myself in the same situation as Pilar. I would like to construct a panel data with employment spells. Is there any update on this question, by any chance? Was a dataset for usoc ever constructed?

My aim is to have a quarterly panel containing information about labor force participation for each respondent for each quarter.


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