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urban rural coding issue

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I am trying to continue analyses I have carried out with the 18 waves of BHPS with the inclusion of the BHPS incorporation sample in US w2. A key variable is urbanity. The urban/rural variable for all bhps (England and Wales) URINDEW is availble under conditional access (SN 6032) rather than being in the main release, whereas there is a variable available directly in the US main release 6614, b_urindew_dv. So, I want to extend analyses of outcomes in relation to urbanity using the bhps incorporation cases in SN 6614. The problem: the variable b_urindew_dv is coded differently from the bhps variable urindew. Urindew is comprised of 8 categories: 1 and 5 are urban (>=50% of LSOA population in settlement of >=10,000, 1 with sparsely populated surrounding area and 5 less sparsely populated); 2 and 6 are town and fringe; 3 and 7 village; 4 and 8 hamlet - again distinguished by nature of surrounding area. BUT!!! b_urindew_dv is coded 1=urban and 2=rural - I guess, though this is not made clear, that 1 and 5 are collapsed to urban, and 2-4,6-8 are collapsed to rural. It is clear from the codebook that the intention is to code the variable exactly as it is coded for bhps, see but this has not been done for wave one either, as a_urindew_dv is also binary. It appears that the data depositor has deposited the variable in a collapsed form, contra the codebook. I need the 8 part coding for my work - I need to distinguish 1/5 from 3/4/7/8 and remove the cases that are neither strongly urban nor strongly rural. Please advise me. Thanks in advance.


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The full urban-rural classification is only on the Special License version
See also this Special License documentation note


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Thank you. Please tell me the SN for the special liceence version with full urbanity classification for the US Wave 2 Year 1 (INTERIM RELEASE). Thanks


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The full urban-rural classifications have so far only been released on the full Mainstage Wave 1 Special License dataset (see links above). The interim release only has binary urban-rural information. The full urban-rural classification will be released with the full Mainstage Wave 2 dataset - planned for release October 2012.


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