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Household and individual income components

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We are researching changes in household income over time, and are interested in determining which components (labour earnings, benefit income, etc.) are associated with the observed changes.
As far as I can see, the "hhresp" dataset contains an aggregate income variable but no income components. I was wondering if there are plans for those to be released?

In the meantime, I was considering using the information available in the "indresp" dataset, there are however some issues that I was hoping you could help me with.

a) w_hhnetinc1 is different from the sum of w_netinc1 for all individuals in the household. I understand this is due to the fact that w_hhnetinc1 includes additional information on proxy and individuals who did not respond to the individual questionnaire. Is that correct? Are there other possible sources of difference?

b) I also computed the sum of the individual income components for the first wave as follows:
egen a_totalinc = rowtotal(a_inc1lab a_inc2misc a_inc3prben a_inc5inv a_inc6pen a_inc7sben)

and compared it with a_netinc1. For 46794 cases the variables take the same value, but not for the other 4200 cases. I was wondering whether I am missing some income component? Or is there perhaps imputed income included in w_netinc1 but not in the component variables?

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Dear Alba,

The great majority of differences are proxy cases for which we do include the component values in the data set – they are all set to zero. There is a group of cases where a_totalinc is different from a_netinc1 and there is a full interview, but this appears to be a tiny rounding error: the absolute value of the differences are all less than £0.002.

Hope this helps,
Best wishes, Victoria

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