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Hiqual_dv derivation

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I am looking for information about how the hiqual_dv variable is derived. I have found on the website the following information:
"The code to derive hiqual_dv in Wave 1 is as follows: gen ${wave}hiqual_dv=-9 replace ${wave}hiqual_dv=1 if ${wave}qfhigh1 | ${wave}qfhigh2 replace ${wave}hiqual_dv=2 if ${wave}qfhigh>=3 & ${wave}qfhigh<=5 replace ${wave}hiqual_dv=3 if ${wave}qfhi"

I am interested in how the later values of hiqual are derived after the value of 2 and wondered if the remainder of this code was available?

I am particularly interested as in the dataset I have tried to identify how the variable is derived but it is not so clear since in the data some individuals who are classified as having A levels by the hiqual variable are reported to have GCSEs/ O level as their highest qualification according to the qfhigh variable. I am therefore unsure of how the individuals are reported to have A levels since the hiqual variable is derived from the qfhigh variable. Any further information on these variables would be very much appreciated.


Look_up hiqual_dv.pdf (13.2 KB) Look_up hiqual_dv.pdf Variable mapping hiqual_dv Gundi Knies, 04/25/2016 09:42 AM

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Hi Emily,
we are aware that there are, unfortunately, problems with the correct display of some of the variable notes on the online data documentation and are in the process of reviewing this. Please bear with us.

In the meantime, there have already been a number of questions about the coding of the highest qualification variable on this forum that you should find useful in answering your question, see e.g.,

I am also attaching the variable mapping for _hiqual_dv and its constituent variables which we were unable to upload on this forum earlier.
Hope this helps,


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