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Who is asked about their health (Hcond) please?
The questionnaire indicates that -8=n/a, but the data records 80%+ as n/a for hcondno1 to hcondno7 (which appear to be the multiple response variables linked to this question).
Have the codes 96 (none of these) actually been coded as -8 in the data, or is it something else?


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Dear David,

Many thanks for your enquiry. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you - I was consulting with colleagues. The hcondn1-hcondn17 are the variables taken from the hconno1-hcondno7 (expands up to 10 in waves 3-4) which are part of the annual events module. The hncond1-hcond17 are asked of new entrants which is why there is such a large number of n/a.

If you still have questions, my colleague would be happy to discuss this with you and I can pass you her contact details.

Best wishes, Victoria.


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Thank you. As there do not appear to be these health questions in the xwave data compiled for all respondents, does this mean that the only way to obtain the health characteristics of all respondents would be to extract these variables from every wave prior to the latest one I use?


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This doesn't appear to be the case with the health questions in BHPS - HLPRBA to HLPRBM, as these appear (by the lack of N/A codes) to have been asked of everyone in the individual interview?


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