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missing proxy interviews in wave 1

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Data inconsistency
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Hi, I have been using UKHLS dataset, and I found a few (six cases I found) proxy interview information is missing in wave 1.
These people appear in later waves, and were recorded as being (proxy) interviewed in wave 1
However, they do not show up in any of wave 1 dataset.

I have a list of pidp that I found (I may email them to you)

Could you explain about these cases in more detail?

Thanks !!


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Thanks for identifying these cases. xwaveid is the file that provides interview outcomes for all waves. So, I identified the wave 1 proxy cases in this file and tried to match those cases with a_indall. All 3262 wave 1 proxy cases reported in this file were in a_indall. So, I cannot find these 6 cases. Instead of sending us the pidp of these 6 cases if you send us the code you used to identify these cases (or explain how you identified these cases), then I can investigate further.
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