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identifying same-sex (female-female)partner

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Dear Understanding society team
I'm interested in studying sleep in pregnancy, I'm keen to identify the predictors related to good or bad sleep among pregnant women in wave1 and wave4 using the main questionnaires .
I would appreciate your support to find the pregnant women who have the same-sex partner(female-female) to be able to know this category ( frequency)in order to know the association between having the same-sex partner and pattern of sleep.
Could you pinpoint any variable highlighted (same-sex partner in wave1 and wave4)?

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Updated by Alita Nandi over 8 years ago

Option 1: Use the w_egoalt file to identify same-sex partners in a household. Specifically, use variables: w_relationship_dv w_asex w_esex

Option 2: Use the partner/spouse identifier w_ppno along with the variable w_sex on w_indall file to match respondent information with that of their spouse/partner.

If you are unsure of how to do this please take a look at the worked out examples in the Online Moodle Course:
See modules: "How to match information of two household members" and "How to use the EGOALT data files"

Information on how to register for this course is here:

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On behalf of the team.


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