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secondary vs. post-secondary distinctions in vocational quals

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On behalf of Lori D. Bougher <>:

We are looking at the relationship between political interest and education, and we would like to make the distinction between post-secondary (ISCED level 5) and secondary (ISCED level 3) vocational education.

Am I correct in my belief that this is not wholly possible with Understanding Society because, unlike in the BHPS, Understanding Society pools some secondary and post-secondary vocational options. For example, in the qfvoc variable, NVQ/SVQ levels 3 through 5 are pooled, and NVQ level 3 would represent secondary education, but NVQ levels 4 and 5 are post-secondary (at least according to the ISCED). Similarly, there is no distinction between BTEC national and higher degrees.


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Hi Lori (and Jon),
to my knowledge it is not possible to derive ISCED from the Understanding Society data (for the reasons you outline). I have flagged this issue with other staff in the Understanding Society team; maybe they know about recent developments in this area.
It may also be that the UK Office for National Statistics or the CAMCES team at Gesis in Germany have done some methodological work on this. They may be able to advise on which assumptions it would be sensible to make to impute the level of NVQ if it has not been collected in the data.
Sorry to not be of more help.
Best wishes,


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