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Net income variables

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I am trying to look at moves in and out of low income using Understanding Society. I used to be able to do this from BHPS, but that had a special household income file (nethh) which I think was developed separately. What is the equivalent file for USoc? I don’t think the income file has what I need.


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A set of commonly used derived net income variables were released in Nov 2014 and can be found on the Understanding Society individual and household response files for each wave.


Updated by Gundi Knies over 8 years ago

Hi Tom,
you will be able to do this with Understanding Society, too. Which version of Understanding Society are you using? Household net incomes have been included in the latest release, which covers Waves 1-4. To learn more about which (derived) incomes are included, see Chapter 3.8 of the Understanding Society User Guide. You can access the guide via the online dataset documentation:

Hope this helps!


Updated by Tom MacInnes over 8 years ago

Thank you Gundi, that's helpful. Can I just check (while you're here...) that I've got the right variable? I'm looking at Wave 2, and I think it's this one

ie HHnetinc3

Am I right in interpreting this that there are only 286 valid responses in that wave?


Updated by Gundi Knies over 8 years ago

I would use hhnetinc*1. If you have a specific reason to use *hhnetinc3, you will have to apply for special licence access to Understanding Society data. I think we have incorrectly classified hhnetinc3 as a categorical variable instead of a continuous variable on our online data documentation, and that the system truncates categories at 286 categories. I'll ask for the error to be corrected.


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