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Dear User Support,

From the Wave 1 questionnaire, I have noted that the Employment Status History module was only asked for individuals between January and June of 2009. From looking at the questionnaires for Wave 2 and Wave 3, it does not seem that the remainder of the sample have been asked these questions. Could you please tell me if my understanding is correct? And if so, whether there are plans to collect this information for the remainder of the sample at some point? (For example, I note that parents' educational qualifications info. was only collected for Wave 1 interviewees in Jan-June 2009, but the questions are then asked of the remainder of the sample in Wave 2). It would be really useful to have employment histories prior to the survey for the whole sample.

Thank you!


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Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we had to cut that module after the first six months due to interview time constraints. The shorter Own-First-Job module from wave 2 onwards might be of interest.


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OK, thank you for you help.
Best wishes,


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