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Urban - Rural indicator - combining England & Wales with Scotland, and Northern Ireland

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Dear user support

Do you know of a way of combining the urban rural categories of a_ur01ind-c_ur01ind for England & Wales with those for Scotland, and Northern Ireland that goes beyond a simple urban/rural dichotomous measure? For example a three or four level measure that provides a greater understanding of the variability of local context?

Has anyone done this successfully, or is it always necessary to stratify by country when analysing the data beyond the urban/rural dichotomy?

Many thanks in advance!



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There does not seem to be an official UK-wide classification (cf. devolved IMD debate). Rural statistics department at DEFRA or the authors of the new 2011 classification for England-Wales could be leads to follow? Will leave open for now in case of other user feedback.
From a different angle - we are releasing lookups to OAC01 and will be releasing lookups to OAC11- both with some discrimination of rural communities.


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Many thanks for such a prompt response Jakob! I will do that. Could you also let me know where I can find further detail on those lookups you mention, and when are you hoping to release these?

All best wishes



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The geographical lookup tables will be released 28 Jan 2015.


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