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Unequal number between "lived here continuously since the last interview" and the reasons

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I'm still working on the Wave 3. There is a variable "c_adcts" about "Lived continuously at this address since last interview" which has 384 people said no; while, when I turn to the reasons for their move, there are 800 people mention "family related reasons" for move, and 1284 people mention "housing related reasons". It's a bit confuse me that why there are more people mention the move reasons than those people moved. Could you clarify these?


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There are different approaches to studying moves and which approach to take will depend on the type of question you are looking at. One approach is to use administrative data on the household address wave on wave. Another approach is to look carefully at the household composition wave on wave and find out who answered what to which question about moves. This topic is explored further at #257.


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Hi Jakob,

Thank you very much for the explanation!

In terms of the administrative data on the household address, it seems SN6614 does not include the administrative data. Could you let me know where I can get it?

Thank you!


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#257 mentions a move indicator based on postcode changes. The indicator is on the End User Licence (EUL) data (which you have got). It is possible to apply for secure data service access to postcode location for very specific research purposes. For some purposes Special Licence (SL) look-up tables to standard geographic units may suffice.


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