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Whether born in UK - all respondents at wave 2

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Dear Sir / Madam

Where can we find information on whether an individual is born outside the UK for all adult individual respondents at wave 2? We have seen this data for those present at wave 1. We realise that for those that took part in wave 1 they will not be asked this again, and similarly BHPS participants will previously have been asked this. Therefore we had expected to have to use data from the xwavedat record when analysing wave 2 onwards. However when we look at the variable UKBORN from the xwavedat file from the most recent data deposit appears to have missing data for over 40,000 individuals. Please advise how to construct "uk born / non uk born" for all respondents. Thanks.


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The variable, ukborn, on XWAVEDAT is the last valid response to the question, "Were you born in the UK, that is in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?", on the UKHLS adult questionnaire. There is a missing value category for sample members that were first interviewed in the BHPS study. It will also be missing for anyone yet to reach the age of 16 years as well as anyone so far only interviewed by proxy.
We are planning to create a new derived variable for XWAVEDAT, ukborn_dv, which takes into account other information especially from BHPS such as plbornc, "Where were you born? If not UK?".


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