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I'm new to Understanding Society and this site and am preparing introductory SPSS files and documentation for use in teaching and research. This has involved modifying the distributed SPSS files by specifying missing values and measurement levels and by changing the first letter of each word in variable and value labels to upper case. I am still familiarising myself with the structure and content of the SPSS files and documentation, but am keeping a log of progress and comments on any aspects I find which may at first be confusing to new users. This includes making a note of unlabelled values outside the expected range of valid values which may need to be treated as missing. I shall post the resultant *.sps and *.sav files.

I've already made modifications to the SPSS files for youth self-completion waves 1 and 2 and am working on a subset of variables from a_indresp.sav. I have no idea what to do with this page, but can forward files I have so far in the hope that I can be directed to an appropriate lead person.


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