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Dear Team Member,

What is the problem with part-time work information in most recent waves?? All related variables show observations as 'inapplicable' or 'missing'? There is a derived variable 'jbft_dv' to identify full or part-time employment, but in the last 13th wave there are no observations under this variable (i.e., 54.89% missing, and 44.74% inaplicable. The 'pjbptft', 'pjsptft', 'prjbft', are similarly uninformative. Could you please guide me on which variable identifies full- or part-time employment in wave 13? My search in the dataset and relevant questionnaire has been unfruitful.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
Nicholas Litsardopoulos


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Hello Nicholas,

It is the same variable you mentioned. The Study introduces an improvement in the employment-related content. From Wave 13, the questionnaire design allows up to 16 jobs to be reported and the “Second jobs” module is no longer asked. Therefore, you may have multiple jobs and wouldn’t make sense to say that you’re employed part-time. However, we use the main job variable to produce jbft_dv. We’ll amend this variable as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can run the syntax code to produce this variable. It is available in the Data Management syntax files section

I hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes,
Roberto Cavazos
Understanding Society User Support Team

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