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Hi, I would like to check whether I have understood the weighting guidance correctly. Firstly, I am using individual data from wave 12 for cross-sectional analysis. Previously we have used [wave]_indinub_xw for variable 1 and [wave]_indscub_xw for variable 2 so if we are now using wave 12 should it be l_indinui_xw and l_indscui_xw that we use for these two variables? ui rather than ub?

Secondly, we are also using the variable nbrcoh3 which was in the indresp module before but is now in hhresp for wave 12. We previously used the weight indinub_xw for this. The only weight in the hhresp file is l_hhdenui_xw so do we need to use this one instead?

Many thanks


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Hello Mel
You are correct on both weights you need for your analysis. The identifier “ub” changes to “ui” from Wave 6 onwards. This change is because the sample includes the general population (GPS), ethnic minority boost (EMB), BHPS (British household) and the immigrant and ethnic minority Boost (IEMB); before Wave 6 there wasn’t an IEMB sample. Additionally, you'll need to use the variable weight identified by "hhd" in its name for household analysis.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes,
Roberto Cavazos
Understanding Society User Support Team

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