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"Type of job" variables and how they relate to each other

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Good morning,

I am looking at the variables related to job type in the Calendar Year 2020 dataset, specifically to jbsoc00_cc and jbsoc10_cc. I have some doubts about how these variables relate to each other: for instance, I see that jbsoc10_cc has many more missing values (coded as -9) with respect to the jbsoc00_cc, why is it the case? In general, why there are so many values coded as -9 in every job-related variable? And is there any detailed guide on the job type variables in Understanding Society to check out all these details?

In addition, as I am using the COVID-19 datasets, are there any updates on the job variables linked to this data collection? Because I am using the Calendar Year 2020 dataset to have job information as close as possible in time to the wave 7, 8, and 9 of the COVID-19 data, but this rises problems related to the number of missing values.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,


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Hello Laura,

w_jbsoc10 will only be populated for individuals who have changed their job since we introduced coding to SOC2010 (in wave 3) as we have not gone back to recode previous responses that were coded to SOC2000. This changed in wave 13 when all eligible respondents were asked to describe their job and the answers were coded into all versions of SOC. However, this resulted in an unusually high degree of occupation change, thus we are currently working on possible adjustments to the coding in wave 13 (see also the variable note for the jbsoc variables, e.g. for jbsoc00_cc The jbsoc question is open-ended and -9 is assigned when the answer is not codable (e.g., the respondent did not say/write in anything, or the answer was too short). We currently do not have a separate guide discussing the occupation data in UKHLS, but I would suggest searching through this forum. If you cannot find an answer, then please contact us.

Best wishes,
Piotr Marzec,
UKHLS User Support


Updated by Laura L about 1 month ago

Hi Piotr,

Thank you very much for your answer. Just one last thing: are there any updates about the "type of job" variables in the COVID-19 data collection? Are they available now?

All the best,


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Hi Laura,

I'm sorry, I forgot to answer this question! There was a plan to release these variables with the updated release of the Covid-19 survey data but it was delayed. I will check with the people responsible for releasing data and get back to you.

Thank you,
Piotr Marzec
UKHLS User Support

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