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Merging parents (or carer) information to youth data

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Hi Understanding Society team,

I am studying the relationship between type of rental housing (ie private vs social) and youth psychological well-being as well as the role housing quality plays in it.

I am using Wave BH18 data and have successfully:
- merged hhresp and indresp by hidp ( merged01 ) using the suggested syntax of "DISTRIBUTING HOUSEHOLD LEVEL INFORMATION TO THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL"
- filtered both merged01 and youth to only those living in rented housing

However, in order to perform further analysis, I need to bring merged01 and youth together in order to look into potential confounders such as SES, HH and parental characteristics.

Could you please advise what might be the best way to do it? Thank you.

P.S. I've seen earlier posts about matching parents to children information, but the link to those syntax is broken.
P.S.2 I am using R.


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It looks like your analysis is at the youth level, so I'd suggest starting from the youth file and then:

1) you can link to hhresp using br_hidp (it looks like you've already done this successfully)
2) you can link to parents using br_fnspno (father's pno) and br_mnspno (mother's pno) - e.g. you can open the indresp dataset with the selection of variables of interest, rename br_pno to br_fnspno/br_mnspno and then link that new data frame to the youth file, if you keep only the matched observations in the youth file you will get a youth file with the linked parental informational, for more information I'd recommend checking our online Introduction to UKHLS course ( , example 7)
3) you can also aggregate individual level information to get a household level information (e.g., if you wanted to get the higher education of two parents), again, please check the course linked above (example 5)

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Piotr Marzec
UKHLS User Support

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