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Reasons for "-8 Inapplicable" response for life satisfaction variable "sclfsato"

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Within the first 12 waves of the main survey, a total of 27,645 observations do not include data on overall life satisfaction using the "sclfsato" variable as the response is "-8 Inapplicable". Could you please give me an indication of why this question was inapplicable to these respondents? I have checked the user manual but the only explanation for a -8 response is a "valid skip" - I don't know why this question would be skipped if it wasn't from a proxy interview. Is it possible that these individuals did not fill in the self-completion questionnaire? Many thanks.


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Hello John,
Please review the universe/routing of the question, which is located at the end of each question/variable in the questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire at

For instance, in wave 12, the universe for this question is:
If ((GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 1 & CASISTART.scac = 1 Thru 3) | (GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 2 | 3) // Mode is face-to-face and has agreed to self-completion OR mode is telephone or web

In cases where the interview mode is face-to-face, the acceptance of the self-completion section is necessary, which wasn't the case for inapplicables. The universe or routing may vary across waves, so I recommend checking each questionnaire individually.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes,
Roberto Cavazos
Understanding Society User Support Team


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