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Death information and death date + linked health data + US COVID-19 survey

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Data linkage and consents
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Dear Understanding Society Team,

In US death information is available via the variables dcsedfl_dv (respondent reported deceased) and dcsedw_dv (wave respondent deceased). This means death info is only on the wave-level available and some deaths could be missed.

For linked health data
which should be also valid for the Understanding Society COVID-19 survey:
death info and date should be available from Civil Registrations of Deaths (England & Wales)
If a respondent has permitted health data linkage (info stored in ch_cvhlthlink):
For US data linked via the Covid survey death info and date should be available for England after the health data linkage permission date (but not before the permission date because the respondent has already died and cannot given permission anymore).

Is this linked data similar/identical to what is described In linked HES-ONS mortality data?


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Hi Alexander,

I will check this one with the linkage team.

Best wishes,
Piotr Marzec
UKHLS User Support


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Dear Alexander,

In principle, it would be possible to use the linked central registry data at the LLC, but please note that this covers only ~8k consenting participants.

Unfortunately, we are not sure what those data look like, so we can't answer your question about whether the data are the same as the HES-ONS mortality data.

Best wishes,
UKHLS User Support Tem


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