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Indall and hhresp

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Am I right to understand that all of the variables in the study are in these two files (indall and hhresp)? And that all other datafiles are just subsets or derivations from these two? Thank you


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Dear Isaac,

The data in indall comes from the enumeration/household grid questionnaire and the data in hhresp from the household questionnaire. However, there are also other questionnaires, the adult individual questionnaire (the data is indresp files) and the youth questionnaire (the data is in youth files). Moreover, some information collected from the above questionnaires is released only in separate additional files (for instance, income or parstyle files). Some of the files are indeed derivatives (though some variables inclued may be using information not released elsewhere, i.e. for data cleaning purposes), e.g. xwavedat or xhhrel. Please check the user guide to learn more:
Also, you may want to check the pdf of the questionnaires:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Piotr Marzec
UKHLS User Support


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Am I correct in thinking that files beginning b_ are linked to wave 2, but ba_, bb_, etc are linked to waves 1 and 2 of the BHPS?



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Yes, that's correct.
You may want to check the study documentation to learn more about the study design and content, most importantly, the user guides:
1) UKHLS -
2) BHPS -

Best regards,
UKHLS User Support Team


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