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Representativeness of housing tenure (tenure_dv)

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I am looking at wave 11 responses in the hhresp table for the breakdown of housing tenure (tenure_dv) at the household level.

The screenshots attached include the % of each category (unweighted and weighted using "hhdenui_xw").

Comparing these figures with census results for tenure status in England and Wales (% of households by tenure), it appears that the number of private renters (in USoc "Rented private unfurnished" and "Rented private furnished" appears to be under represented (11.7% when weighted) relative to the census figures for England and Wales in 2021 (20.3%). I have tried limiting the USoc sample to just England and Wales household, but it does not materially change the results.

Link to census data here:

Any info on why I may be finding this discrepancy would be very much appreciated.


Screenshot 2023-10-24 135649.png (37 KB) Screenshot 2023-10-24 135649.png Eoghan O'Brien, 10/24/2023 01:56 PM

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Many thanks for your enquiry. We will look into this and get back to you.
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Dear Eoghan,

Thank you for your question. I am not an expert in the field, but looking at the question for Census 2021 for England (H11 here file:///C:/Users/olena/Downloads/householdenglandpdf.pdf), the categories do not seem to correspond well with UKHLS. For rented properties, Census asks - part owns/ part rents, rents and lives here rent free. UKHLS has categories (from your figure): local authority rent, housing association rented, rented from employer, rented private unfurnished and furnished. You may know this better, but I feel that all of these are rented, and from your figure there would be 26.69%. Not sure where category 'other would belong, and how part rented / part owned in Census would correspond to these.

I think the issue you observe is related to the use of different definitions for 'rented' between Census and UKHLS.
Hope this helps,


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