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Query regarding consent for the COVID-19 study

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Could you please clarify whether participants gave written or oral consent to participate in the Understanding Society COVID-19 study. I can find this information for the mainstage waves, but not for the COVID study.

Many thanks


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Hello Olivia

As with the main survey, the overall mechanism for gaining consent for participation in the COVID-19 Study is by answering the study's questions. At the start of the study, prenotification letters were sent to sample members inviting them to participate in the COVID-19 study. The prenotification letters explained the purpose of the COVID-19 study and what respondents were asked to do. Respondents were told the invitation to the Study would be sent out by email and/or SMS text message, depending on which contact information we held about them. The letters emphasised that the study was voluntary. Thus, choosing to take part in the survey and submitting their responses is taken as an agreement to take part. Participants also had the right to withdraw their participation, and have their data deleted if they changed their mind later.

For more information, please see section 6. Fieldwork on the Covid-19 User guide at:

For detailed information on all correspondence with participants such as the prenotification letter, invitations and reminders for each survey sent by post, email and SMS, unsubscribe messages, and supporting materials please see Section “Fieldwork documents” at:

For more detailed FAQs on the Covid-19 Study please check:

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Roberto Cavazos
Understanding Society User Support Team


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