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BHPS variables availability and question route (jlendm, rjlend4, rjlsoc00)

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I have a couple of questions about variable availability and conditions in the BHPS waves:

1. What is the question route for rjlsoc00? I can't find anything here: its equivalent in the UKHLS waves jlsoc00 has specific conditions under which its displayed. It seems like it should have a specific question route but I might be misunderstanding.
2. I am interested in calculating when someone last left their job. As far as I understand, I can do this for UKHLS waves using empstendy4 (existing participants), and jlendy (new entrants). However, for the BHPS, there only seems to be rjlend4, which only applies to new entrants as far as I can see: Is this correct?
3. Why isn't jlendm (month left last job) available for the BHPS waves? Year left last job - jlendy is. I can't see anything in the questionnaire though.

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Only new entrants who say they are not currently employed are asked about the last job they ever had, while continuing member are asked about changes since last wave. In the BHPS, changes in jobs between two consecutive waves are available in the jobhist & jobhistd files. So, if you want to know about the last job for continuing respondents then you need to look at these files.

Descriptions of data files:
User guide:

Please take a look at these and let us know if your question is not answered.

Q3. You are right, as the month of last job was not asked, so that variable is not available.

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Thanks very much for your reply. So rjlsoc00 essentially has the same conditions as jlsoc00? (new entrants, worked in past but not in the last week). Or is it just asked of all new entrants?

I also wasn't aware of the jobhist files - they should help. As for Q3, that's fine, I was just wondering - but I see there is jhendm (month labour force spell ended) in the jobhist file, so that should be ok.



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In the BHPS questionnaires the Universe description is a little complicated. If you take a look at the questionnaire for BHPS Wave 18, you will see that "rjlsoc" was asked of those who reported "rjbhad=1" (ever had a job). The question "rjbhad" was asked of those who were not currently employed and were not interviewed at the last wave (but could have been interviewed before that) or were interviewed but the information about the economic activity at that point is missing or invalid - this routing is described in J30. So, no rjlsoc was not just asked of new entrants.

Hope this helps.

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