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Life Satisfaction Data

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Hi, I am a postgraduate student at the University of Leeds hoping to use the survey as part of my end of year dissertation.

I am wondering if you could tell me which year the study began collecting data on life satisfaction (1-7 scores), I can see it in the later studies but exactly which year this began I cannot tell, also can you tell me which question number is assigned to life satisfaction as I may have just missed it!

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In BHPS, this question was first asked in Wave 6 and then every wave after that, and in UKHLS it has been asked every wave starting from Wave 1. But please note that in Wave 6, when the IEMB sample was added, these respondents were not asked this question - only in that wave.

You can see which waves a question is asked in by searching on the variable using the variable search facility:

As the question wording for the two surveys is not exactly the same (the response options are fully labelled in the UKHLS version, and only end categories are labelled in the BHPS version), these variables have not been harmonised, hence the different variable names.

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