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Distributing household level information to individuals

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I am trying to distribute household level data to individuals. I downloaded and used the example syntax (SPSS) from the website and followed the instructions closely. When running a crosstabs to check the number of cases from each file, I have 730 cases that are in the individual file but not in the household file. I have searched the website for information as to why a respondent might appear in the individual survey but not the household survey. There are also 142 cases that in the household survey but not the individual file, though I assume this is because they responded to the youth survey. Can you advise as to whether this is to be expected or if it is an error I have made in adapting the syntax.



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All enumerated households, that is, where the household grid has been completed are eligible for a household interview (generally filled in by the owner/renter of the accommodation) and all 16+ year olds are eligible for adult individual interview and all 10-15 year olds for the youth questionnaire. In some cases, while individuals have participated in the individual interview the household questionnaire was not completed. Similarly, in some households a household questionnaire was completed but none of the adults completed the adult individual interview. Hence a mismatch between w_indresp and w_hhresp.

The number of mismatches varies by wave. I can see that in Wave 10, there are 730 cases in j_indresp which are not in j_hhresp and 142 mismatches the other way round.

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