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Hi folks,

I hope you are all well. I was just wondering why there are no positive values for manssec8_dv and panssec8_dv for wave 10? For manssec8_dv 2.34% answered this question via a proxy response but I'm not entirely sure why. Any information on these variables would be greatly appreciated.

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If the respondent says that their mother/father was working when they were 14 (maju/paju=1), then they are asked what job they did which is coded to the various occupational variables masoc00_cc/pasoc00_cc & manssec8_dv/panssec8_dv etc. So, it is ok if manssec8_dv=-8 when maju is not equal to 1. But for cases where maju=1, there needs to be a valid value. I can see that all these are mostly inapplicable and a few are don't know/refusal for maju/paju=1. We will look into these cases.

About the proxy values: as proxy respondents are not asked these questions the values are -7 for those cases.


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The issue that you highlighted has been resolved for this latest data release. The latest data will be released by the end of this month.

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