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Marital status (marstat_dv) and presence of non-respondent partners (ppid==-8, sppid==-8)?

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Hello Alita,

I am wondering if respondents in the indresp file have a marital status (marstat_dv) of being married/civil partner or living as couple and their partners have no ppid/sppid, and livesp_dv=0, can we assume that their partners are non-respondents? I have been checking the indall file for reference but I am still not sure whether this is possible.

Bottom line: How can we know whether their self-reported marital status is correct?

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Hello Abigail,

To understand this you should look at w_indall as it includes everyone who have been enumerated to be in the household. Most of those with missing w_ppid==-8 but in a partnership (w_mastat_dv=2,3,10), are either (i) not living with a spouse (w_livesp_dv=2) or (ii) w_livesp=-8. Almost all of (ii) are actually people living in single person households (w_livesp not asked if living in a single person household for obvious reasons). Both of these situations imply that the person's partner is not part of the household.

As long as the partner is enumerated in the household they will have a w_ppid. If they don't give an adult interview they will not show up in w_indresp, but will show up in w_ppid of their partner. So, the only reason someone in a partnership does not have w_ppid is because they are not living with their partner (w_livesp=2 or -8).

Hope this helps.
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