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I am currently working on a research proposal for a project regarding the interplay of societal factors and homelessness. I am hoping to use some of the Understanding Society data.

I had a quick question, is any of the data already collected for Understanding Society from people who were experiencing homelessness at the time of collection?

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The sample is drawn from non-institutional postal addresses and so it is not likely to include any homeless person as they will not have a postal address or will be at a shelter which is an institutional address. We do follow people as they move including if they move into an institution (e.g., shelter) but only if it is possible to interview them there. You can check this variable to know how many such cases there may be. As you can see there are only a handful who are in "sheltered accommodation" or in an "instution (write in).

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Thank you so much for answering this last month so quickly and helpfully.

I had a follow up question:
Is there a list somewhere of what is defined within sheltered and institutional?
I was wondering if I could successfully filter out people so that I had a sample of people in these housing situations due to homelessness. But is it an unsafe assumption that those in institutional housing are all in shelters: Does that also include things like barracks for armed forces, nursing accommodation, live-in teachers, etc.?

Would sheltered housing be accommodation for over 55s, or would that include places like women's refuge's?

Hope that makes sense?
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"Is there a list somewhere of what is defined within sheltered and institutional?"

The two places to look are the questionnaire - in case there is any interviewer instructions about this. Another is the technical reports which includes the fieldwork agency's instructions to interviewers. I have checked both and there is no definition provided. As we are undergoing some problems with the part of the website where you can download these documents, I am attaching these two documents for Wave 2 here.


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