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Linking school statistics data school codes (special license)

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I am planning to request the special license data on school codes. I would like to use them to analyse additional information about schools. On your website you state that it is possible to " merge in data on the quality of schools such as from school league tables, on school composition (by ethnicity, free school meal etc), on financial resources used in schools and on teachers" ( However, I am struggeling to find these data and how to access them. I am hoping that you can provide me with some additional information.
Thank you very much in advance and with kind regards


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Hello Carla,

From what I can understand you would like access to the School Codes. To do that go to the UKDS website and follow the instructions:

Hope this helps
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Updated by Carla Grindel about 3 years ago

Hello Alita,
thank you for your quick reply!
I know how to access "Understanding Society: Waves 1-9, 2009-2018: Special Licence Access, School Codes".
From my understanding, these data contain the school codes (e.g. LAEstab for England/Wales, SEED number and DE reference number for Scotland and Northern Ireland). I understood that using these codes, you can link additional national statistics (like Ofsted, data on school composition, etc.) to the UKHLS data. Hence, I would like to know if you might be able to provide me with any documentation/websites/information about how or where is best to access these additional data.
Thank you very much


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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Currently we do not provide information on the external datasets that you can link our data to. If we provide that type of information it will be available from this part of our website:


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