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components of weight variables

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I have a general question and a specific one.
1) Please could direct me to documentation regarding what variables/aspects have been taken into account when constructing weights?
2) Do UKHLS weights correct for housing tenure?

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Many thanks for your enquiry. The Understanding Society team is looking into it and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Understanding Society User Support Team


Updated by Olena Kaminska 4 months ago

Dear Filip,

Thank you for your question. I can confirm that housing tenure goes into weighting models.
Unfortunately we do not have the full list of the variables that go into each model.

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Updated by Filip Sosenko 4 months ago

Thank you for the answer Olena. Could you also let me know what external source is used for calibrating the housing tenure?
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Updated by Olena Kaminska 4 months ago


We do not calibrate to housing tenure. Housing tenure is used in the correction for attrition. So the information from a household questionnaire from the previous wave is used in predicting attrition in the current wave. The housing tenure information is therefore provided by respondents in earlier waves.
To correct for nonresponse in wave 1 we also used an LSOA level information, e.g. a proportion of households owned or rented in LSOA out of all households. This information was obtained from ONS for the year of the first wave for each sample (so wave 1 for GPS and EMB and wave 6 for IEMB). We didn't calibrate to it because calibration allows for the use of very few variables but we used over 40 in these models. So nonresponse was modelled using logistic regression instead.

Hope this helps,


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That's clear now Olena, many thanks!


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