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categories of the qfhigh_dv variable

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Dear Madam/Sir,

I'm really struggling to make sense of the categories of qfhigh_dv variable. Under which category can I find the vocational levels 2 and 3 qualifications, such as NVQs and Btechs levels 2 and 3? Or have they simply been included in the "None of the above" category?

It is really regrettable that the CASMIN categorisation of highest qualification was discontinued in Understanding Society. This BHPS derived variable offered a much clearer categorisation of highest qualification achieved.

Kind regards,
Jan Germen Janmaat


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Hi Jan,

qfhigh_dv does not make use of BTech and NVQs. These qualifications are captured in the variables qfvoc#, qualnew#, trqual# which are then used to create hiqual_dv. Btech etc as well as NVQ/SVQ - Level 3 - 5 get coded to hiqual_dv equal 3 "A-level etc." if that is the highest level achieved. NVQ/SVQ - Level 1 - 2 get coded to hiqual_dv equal 4"GCSE etc" if that is the highest level achieved. We recommend using hiqual_dv for analyses using the long run of BHPS and UKHLS data as this variables is considered harmonised (but see variables notes).

Does this help?
Best wishes,

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