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Importance of Britishness to sense of self

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Apologies this is a very basic question.
I am using USoc Wave 1 data to examine how important Britishness is to a sense of self (a_britid). I have recoded the data as I am looking at people aged 18-30 with parents from different ethnic groups or grandparents with different countries of birth.

In terms of the whole data-set, I don't understand what would make the respondents inapplicable. The guide suggests: 'if (GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 1 & CASISTART.scac = 1 thru 3)|GRIDVARIABLES.ModeType = 2 (Mode is face-to-face and has agreed to self-completion OR mode is telephone). This means 58.55% of respondents were not asked? Can someone explain simply please? Sorry I don't have any colleagues available to ask and I don't want to make any errors with the data I can use, which currently looks to favour feelings of Britishness being important to the respondents I am examining, hence why I am interested in the majority who have been excluded. Many thanks for any and all assistance.


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Hello Jesse,

If you check the questionnaire and find this question BRITID, you will find who gets asked this question in the "Universe" field. In the Wave 1 questionnaire (you can find it here you will see this: **
If(HHGRID.region = 1|2|3) // Lives in England, Wales or Scotland And If((month = 1 Thru 6) OR ((Month = 7 Thru 24) & (HHGRID.EMBoost = 1 | HHGRID.GPCompare = 1 |(HHGRID.LDA = 1 & RACEL > 4 & RACEL < 98)))) // Sample month is Jan 09 to June 09 OR Sample month is July 09 to Dec 10 and respondentis part of EMBoost sample, GP Comparison sample, or LDA sample and ethnic group is not White **
What this means is that this question was asked of all respondents living in England, Wales and Scotland for the first 6 months of the survey. For the remaining 18 months it was asked only of the "extra five minute sample" in England, Wales and Scotland. The "extra five minute sample" includes everyone in the Ethnic Minority Boost Sample, the General Population Comparison Sample and ethnic minorities in the General Population Sample living in low ethnic minority concentration areas.

Note this question was asked again in Waves 3 & 6. In Wave 3 this was asked of the extra five minutes sample and new immigrants living in England, Wales and Scotland. In Wave 6 this was asked of everyone and in the self-completion questionnaire.

Note that value 11 means "IF RESPONDENT DOES NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE BRITISH (SPONTANEOUS)" and so it is advisable to recode this to 0.

You can also take a look at the Ethnicity and Immigration User guide here

Could you let us know which guide you are referring to in your post?

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Understanding Society User Support Team


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Variable note has been added to clarify the different routing rules across waves.


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