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Childcare by grandparents

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I’m looking at USOC data on the use of grandparents for childcare. As the datafile structures are slightly complicated, I just wanted to check I’d understood them correctly. I’ve had a look in user guidance, but couldn’t quite see the answers there.

I’m using cross-sectional data from wave i . These are my assumptions:

Dataset i_indresp contains results for individual adults responding to the survey. It shows whether they are responsible for children under 15 (i_nch14resp), and if so whether they use any childcare (i_ccare). I think the correct weight to use is i_indinui_xw.

Dataset i_child contains results for individual children ages 15 & under (NOT adults, so where an adult is responsible for more than one child, there will be a record for each child). It shows use of childcare (i_wrkch2a12 etc). Only asked for children receiving childcare, so coded as inapplicable for those receiving no childcare. Only asked for children under 15, so coded as inapplicable for those aged 15. I think the correct weight to use is i_psnenui_xw.

I‘d be grateful if you could let me know whether I’m interpreting this correctly.

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Hi Cath,

Thanks for your query. A member of our user support team is looking at these and we'll be in touch soon.

Best wishes,

On behalf of User Support


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Thank you for your question.
So if you want to represent adults who have children of a particular type etc., you should use individual adult weights, e.g. i_indinui_xw within indresp.dta. Your suggestion is correct in the first situation.

I have been in discussion with other members of the team to clarify how the data about children is obtained. As I understand one adult responds about children in the household. You would need to link this adult's individual weight (i_indinui_xw) to the child's record. To do this please find w_rapno1 which represents i_pno information of the adult. You would then need to create a dataset from indresp.dta where you keep only i_hidp i_pno and i_indinui_xw. Rename this i_pno into i_rapno1. You can then merge your new file and i_child file on i_hidp and i_rapno1 - thus getting the correct adult weight attached to each child in the child file.

I hope this helps,


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