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Self-efficacy module - wave 2

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The long-term content plan states that the 'Self-Efficacy (self-completion)' module was included in the adult questionnaire in waves 2 and 5. However it appears to be absent from both the main survey online documentation for wave 2 and the data file b_indresp. Also the Waves 1-8 User Guide (November 2018) says in regard to wave 5 that 'The adult self-completion included new sets of questions asking about delayed self-gratification, identity and self-efficacy' [my emphasis] (p.55).

On balance I take this to mean that the self-efficacy questions were never asked in wave 2 and the long-term content plan document is mistaken (or there was a plan to include it but the module was dropped between planning and fieldwork).

But - I thought I'd ask just in case: were these questions in fact asked? If so, is the data somehow available, or could it be made available?

Many thanks,
Lewis Anderson


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Hi Lewis,

This one is a little more complicated.

Self-efficacy questions were asked in Wave 2, but this used a paper-based questionnaire and the questions asked were slightly different to the ones asked in Wave 5. You can find the paper questionnaire here:

Our data team have looked at b_selfcomp.dta and it's merged into b_indesrep.dta. Could you let us know if there's a specific question that you're interested in, the data team can trace it through the system and (hopefully) find it for you.

Best wishes,

User Support Team


Updated by Lewis Anderson about 4 years ago

Thanks for that Becky.

It seems that the first two items from question 32 on that self-completion questionnaire represent the self-efficacy module for wave 2, and the remaining three represent the time use module.

I have found these in the available data, as you said:
b_schmcont ('At home, I feel I have control over what happens in most situations');
b_scloutcont ('I feel that what happens in life is often determined by factors beyond my control').

(One might argue that some of the time use items tap self-efficacy to some degree too:
b_scdem2many, 'In general, I have different demands on me that are hard to combine';
b_sctimemnuf, 'In general, I have enough time to do everything'.)

Unless you would add anything further, that resolves the issue, thanks again.


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