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Hi there,

I wanted to ask about the variable “someone to rely on when there is a serious problem” which is constructed from three separate questions answered by adults aged 16 to 24, "How much can you rely on a spouse/ family member/friend if you have a serious problem?" scfrely/scrrely/scprely.

I know the variables have not been asked since 2013/2014 and wont be asked again until wave 11, but I was wondering if you were advising the use of any variables as possible alternatives to “rely on” that can be used in the meantime? I can of course use variables from a different data set but was hoping Usoc might have a solution?



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Dear Georgina,

We can't give advice about what to use, as this will depend on your research question, but you may find some of the questions in the following modules useful: (also in W9) - some of these questions are included in the young adults module at other waves: (also in W9) (also in W9) (also in W9) (also in W9, with similar questions in the youth questionnaire at the same waves)

Two questions from the young adults module:
These are also in the youth questionnaire at odd numbered waves.

Best wishes,

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