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Youth survey subjective wellbeing questions

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I'm wanting to categorise the youth wellbeing questions, for example using ypsdqha_dv to define who has a high or not high score for hyperactivity. What would be the best cutoff for these variables:

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Dear Laura,

Our remit at the User Forum is to answer queries related to Understanding Society data and provide general advice about how to manage the data. Given the number of users we have I'm afraid we cannot advise on individual users' analysis specifically.

You may wish to join our jiscmail list to discuss this with other researchers:

You can also search for publications on our website. This paper appears to have used these variables:

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Thanks Stephanie, I understand that this is not in your remit.
I have a follow up question that I think will be though. Has the scale for the SDQ sub categories (the ones I asked about originally) changed? It looks like it went up to 10 in waves 3 & 5 but goes up to 15 or higher in wave 7. What is the conversion between the 2? I'm assuming each of the 5 questions that make up each sub-category went 0,1,2 and now goes 1,2,3 for response options.


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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We have checked and the maximum value for these variables remain 10 across all the waves this module was asked (1 3 5 7 9).

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