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Weighting and state benefits

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I am currently undertaking cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses using both BHPS and US data looking at life satisfaction/Mental Health Component Scores/GHQ as dependent variable (with independent variables including income, employment status and age).

For BHPS cross-sectional using indresp file, I am using w_xewght weights. And for US using indresp file I am using w_indscus/ub/ui weights.

For longitudinal using US only, I am using h_indinui_lw (as I am using indresp data from Waves 2-8). I wanted to check a) that these are correct weights to use and b) that if I'm doing longitudinal using BHPS and US, I am ok to still use h_indinui_lw?

Also, I am looking to split the group into those in receipt of state benefits, and those who are not. Is there a unified variable that give 'in receipt of benefits/not in receipt of benefits', or will I have to create that from all the various variables covering specific benefits (housing, child etc.)?

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Many thanks for your enquiry.

We have assigned your query regarding weights to our Survey Statistician who will get back to you.

About your benefit indicator question: No there is no such variable. You will need to look at the “w_income.dta” files and see which benefits you want to use in the definition of benefit recipient and create this indicator variable based on that.

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The cross-sectional weights are correct. For the longitudinal analysis starting at wave 2 you will need to use h_indinub_lw weight. The h_indinui_lw weight starts at wave 6.

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