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I am currently using Understanding Society wave 2. The highest qualification variable b_qfhigh has missing values for around 85% of the respondents. I can't seem to find another variable that reports the highest qualification of all adult respondents in the sample. Have I overlooked something here? I am primarily interested in the group of respondents who were previously interviewed in BHPS.


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Hi Jakob,

Thanks for referring me to b_hiqual_dv. I missed it because it's not in the Data Dictionary. However, there are still missing values for over 25% of cases for this variable, coded as "Inapplicable" (-8). Can you please clarify who are the people for whom the qualification data is "Inapplicable"? They seem to be different from those with missing values (coded as -9) and from those with no qualifications. The group in the "Inapplicable" category are also spread widely across all ages, so they are also not children who were not interviewed.



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Hi Rachel,
_hiqual_dv uses information fed forward from the previous wave(s). When you compare the highest qualification variables (qfhigh, qfvoc etc) on BHPS and Understanding Society you will find that there is no 1:1 correspondence between the variables on the two studies. Therefore, it was not possible to feed forward information from the BHPS in the construction of _hiqual_dv. You will find that some BHPS sample members have non-missing values on _hiqual_dv. They will have reported new qualifications in the current wave, but may have had a higher qualification before that.

For your purposes, it may be best to use the latest highest qualification information available for respondents in BHPS as a proxy for the current highest qualification, i.e. assume this was constant.

Hope this helps,


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