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07:49 PM Support #245: cross sectional hh weights in US w1/2/3
Yes, your understanding is correct. There are a few comments here.
First, with wave 3 we also released a we...
Olena Kaminska
02:23 PM Support #242: Best Friends Module
Thank you for the reply.
Do you have a timescale for when the revised data will be released?
Dharmi Kapadia
02:19 PM Support #242 (In Progress): Best Friends Module
Thankyou for making us aware of this issue. The data were collected and we will include it in the first coming revisi... Redmine Admin
02:06 PM Support #239 (Closed): oprlg, oprlg0 and oprlg1 in three waves
Redmine Admin
02:01 PM Support #247 (Closed): Data on Political Attitudes and Household debt
Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m a PhD student in political economy at MIT and study the economic roots of political behavior. ...
Andreas Wiedemann
09:34 AM Support #246 (In Progress): Xwaveid pidp
By way of clarification, we operate we three types of variables for the documentation, a) continuous variables, b) ca... Redmine Admin


09:12 AM Support #246: Xwaveid pidp
Just to confirm: that query relates to SN6614, not the 'M3' dataset. My mistake. Rory Coulter
09:10 AM Support #246 (Closed): Xwaveid pidp
This is a potentially very simple (and quite possibly silly) question, but its not one I've yet been able to fathom. ... Rory Coulter


01:37 PM Support #245 (Closed): cross sectional hh weights in US w1/2/3
I am confused by the differences in the cross-sectional household weights available in the US a_hhresp b_hhresp and c... Ian Alcock


03:12 AM Support #244 (Closed): GHQ-12 measures in wave 3
I'm not entirely sure whether I have interpreted this right, but it looks as if the scale for c_scghqk is inco...
Marcus Green


06:11 PM Support #243 (Closed): BHPS query - Waves 12 + 17
Query from Curtis - Channel 4 want to use this data quite urgently.
A slightly random question - I've been looking...
Jonathan Burton


01:44 PM Support #239: oprlg, oprlg0 and oprlg1 in three waves
Your interpretation of the metadata for OPRLG0 is correct
Redmine Admin
01:28 PM Support #240 (Closed): Derived variable in the BHPS
Redmine Admin
01:27 PM Support #236 (Closed): Wave 3: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Middle Layer Super Output Areas
now available.
Redmine Admin


01:02 PM Support #242 (Closed): Best Friends Module
I have looked through c_indresp file for the data relating to the Self-Completion Best Friends Module, which...
Dharmi Kapadia


05:40 PM Support #241 (Closed): c_fiyrinvinc_dv vs c_fiyrdia
Could you please tell me the difference between c_fiyrinvinc_dv and c_fiyrdia and how c_fiyrinvinc_dv is ca...
Onyinye Ezeyi


12:21 PM Support #240 (In Progress): Derived variable in the BHPS
Please have a look at the following added-value dataset and associated documentation;
British Household Panel Surv...
Redmine Admin
12:06 PM Support #240 (Closed): Derived variable in the BHPS
Message from Tina Haux:
I am getting in touch as I am doing a project together with Lucinda using the MCS on contact...
Jonathan Burton

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