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09:28 PM Support #177: SF36 in BHPS and SF12 in UKHLS
The derivation of PCS and MCS is described here with reference to the original paper;
j petersen
08:40 PM Support #182: Derived Variable a_hiqual_dv
The reply to #74 looks useful - let us know if there is anything you would like us to follow up on.
j petersen
08:30 PM Support #176: Missing parental data
I don't have access to the data right now to reproduce your results, but can offer a few hints...
The relationships ...
j petersen
06:26 PM Support #181: Age for youths in the youth questionnaire
the w_INDALL file holds the basic demographics of the whole household including youth respondents.
j petersen


01:10 PM Support #182 (Closed): Derived Variable a_hiqual_dv
There seems to be no documentation on how the derived variables were compiled and I was wondering if you could t...
Madeline Crosswaite
11:16 AM Support #181 (Closed): Age for youths in the youth questionnaire
I was wondering if there was an easy way to determine the age of the individuals in the youth questionnaire to u...
Madeline Crosswaite


11:59 AM Support #180 (Closed): Sports Club membership among Scottish adults
I have a query relating to the variable b_club, (sports club membership).
I am wanting to calculate two fi...
Chris Martin


02:01 PM Support #179 (Closed): mariatl status change between wave 1 and 2
Dear all,
I want to combine the marital histories from wave 1 and the new events reported in wave 2.
In the seco...
Tina Hannemann


09:44 PM Support #178 (Closed): Marital Satisfaction Availability in Wave K?
First, I hope this is the appropriate venue for this. I have asked other people and they steered me here.
I’m tryi...
Spencer James
01:54 PM Support #177 (Closed): SF36 in BHPS and SF12 in UKHLS
I am using UKHLS for its BHPS data along with BHPS. UKHLS has the SF12 health scoring together with the derived PCS a... Emma Salter


12:26 PM Support #176 (Closed): Missing parental data
I'm merging data from the USoc Wave 1 youth questionnaire (a_youth) and the Wave 1 adult individual questionna...
Sam Baars


01:08 PM Support #159 (Closed): Father's social class
we shall update the post if we find more on the issue. Redmine Admin
01:07 PM Support #172 (Closed): racel
Redmine Admin
01:06 PM Support #174 (Closed): Understanding "Missing" in IP data
Redmine Admin


05:33 PM Support #172: racel
XWAVEDAT holds the last valid response of racel.
Redmine Admin
03:47 PM Support #172: racel
I am sorry, I was not clear. I wanted to say that even if you consider the first wave only, xracel has more observati... Giulia Montresor
06:51 AM Support #175: Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
> There is no wave-specific data for participants from 78133491 through ...
Listing *ivfio on XWAVEID I find that ...
Redmine Admin


09:54 PM Support #175: Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
I was able to find wIVFIO. Thank you for pointing that out. However, I'm not sure I understand how a participant coul... Chris Martin
05:53 PM Support #175 (In Progress): Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
I suggest that you also check the interview outcome variables, wIVFIO and wIVFHO.
You will find responses from BHPS ...
Redmine Admin
05:30 PM Support #175 (Closed): Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
I'm using BHPS data and I merged xwavedat with xwaveid. Then I merged the resulting file with every wINDRESP f...
Chris Martin


05:29 PM Support #173: Understanding "inapplicable"
We will have to get back to you about the BHPS question - meanwhile; UKHLS is another name for _Understanding Society... Redmine Admin
05:26 PM Support #172: racel
There are new entrants at Wave 2 and some that have only turned 16 years since the Wave 1 interview, etc.
Redmine Admin
05:17 PM Support #171 (Closed): Source: NSFH
Thanks for making us aware of this. The more likely source would be BHPS's
wYPEATN Past week times evening meal w...
Redmine Admin


02:53 PM Support #173: Understanding "inapplicable"
This question was actually concerning the BHPS. I do want to integrate the last two years of Understanding Society da... Chris Martin


06:35 PM Support #174: Understanding "Missing" in IP data
System missing are coded to -9 in the data processing and recoded to missing value codes if this can be infered from ... Redmine Admin
06:25 PM Support #173: Understanding "inapplicable"
If this is a question concerning the UKHLS XWAVEDAT, then this file contains the latest valid response to a given ite... Redmine Admin


07:33 PM Support #174 (Closed): Understanding "Missing" in IP data
When I read the Understanding Society IP User Guide, it was mentioned that -9 is assigned to data that are ...
Vivian So


10:06 PM Support #173 (Closed): Understanding "inapplicable"
This is a general question. I've found that "inapplicable" is a common answer to many questions in the xwavedat datas... Chris Martin
10:26 AM Support #172: racel
I am just using the first wave of Understanding Society and I noticed a difference in the number of observat...
Giulia Montresor
07:46 AM Support #172: racel
racel is only asked of new adult entrants each wave and this information is consolidated together with other stable c... Redmine Admin
07:47 AM Support #170 (Closed): Unable to access full sample size
Redmine Admin


05:32 PM Support #172 (Closed): racel
I was thinking I'd better use the ethnicity variable racel for adults of age 16+ from xwavedat instead ind...
Giulia Montresor

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