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03:44 PM Support #143 (Closed): Derived housing costs variable in BHPS
Hi. I have a question about the derived housing costs variable in BHPS Wave R:
The derived variable rxphsg is desc...
Robert de Vries


12:32 PM Support #141: Children information
The indall data file contains for each enumerated individual their age and a pointer to co-resident significant other... Gundi Knies
11:30 AM Support #141: Children information
Hi Gundi,
Thank you very much for the explanation!
I wonder there is a variable (or index) to identify the chi...
Frank Feng
11:05 AM Support #141: Children information
Hi Frank
as mentioned in the questionnaire and dataset documentation variables such as a_nnatch, a_nadopt etc were c...
Gundi Knies
10:42 AM Support #141: Children information
Hi Jakob,
Thank you for the information!
I want to clarify one thing. I find that some of the "a_nnatch" (numb...
Frank Feng
11:51 AM Support #137: Weights
Thanks for the question. As long as you want to infer to the population you must use weights. The value of 0 ...
Olena Kaminska


06:35 PM Support #142: where is work experience in the BHPS?
Many thanks for your quick response Jakob. My apologies for making my question ambiguous. When I mentioned work exper... James Nield
03:08 PM Support #142 (In Progress): where is work experience in the BHPS?
Have a look this variable:
Redmine Admin
03:53 PM Support #136 (Closed): Preference over hours worked
Redmine Admin
03:52 PM Support #135 (Closed): Voluntary work definition
Redmine Admin
03:18 PM Support #138 (In Progress): Children
please see #141 Redmine Admin
03:16 PM Support #139 (Closed): Comparing BHPS and Understanding Society results
It is not so easy to give a quick answer to this as it would depend on the study question and the study design...
Redmine Admin
03:13 PM Support #141 (In Progress): Children information
To find out more about the derived variable, have a look at the documentation;
Redmine Admin


04:50 PM Support #142 (Closed): where is work experience in the BHPS?
how do I get BHPS data on individual level work experience as appears in studies such as Blundell et al 2005 "...
James Nield
02:29 PM Support #141 (Closed): Children information
I'm looking at the children information of the first wave individual data. But I'm a bit confuse. There are th...
Frank Feng
12:41 PM Support #140 (Closed): occupational (re)coding
Redmine Admin
12:24 PM Support #140: occupational (re)coding
thank you
peter tammes
12:01 PM Support #140: occupational (re)coding
For the first part of the question, please see #104
> The occupations of the father and mother when the re...
Redmine Admin
11:35 AM Support #140 (Closed): occupational (re)coding
Dear Sir/Madam

We would like to address a few questions regarding the (re)coding of occupations of the respondent...
peter tammes


04:15 PM Support #139 (Closed): Comparing BHPS and Understanding Society results
Hi Jacob,
I want to investigate whether differences in results at different time points from some selected BHPS va...
Theodore Joloza


03:06 PM Support #138 (Closed): Children
Is there a variable in both wave 1 and wave 2 that replicates the nch?? variables for children in household variables... David Angrave


11:52 AM Support #137 (Closed): Weights
I'm working with b_indinus_xw as I'm interested in variables from the adult main interview. I'm also using as ...
Jennifer Brown


11:33 AM Support #136 (In Progress): Preference over hours worked
We are not planning to carry an item such as BHPS's "wJBHRLK":
Redmine Admin
10:02 AM Support #134 (Closed): BHPS: employment experience variable
Redmine Admin
10:02 AM Support #133 (Closed): Private pension flag
Redmine Admin
10:01 AM Support #131 (Closed): Geocoded Wave 2 data
Redmine Admin


12:06 PM Support #136 (Closed): Preference over hours worked
I am a PhD student working at the University of York. I have been using the BHPS to study working time mismat...
David Angrave


08:42 AM Support #135 (In Progress): Voluntary work definition
The Wave 2 volunteering tool is adapted from the Helping Out survey (see source reference in the questionnaire...
Redmine Admin

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